Build 179 – Calculon: SolidWorks Workstation

Calculon is a SolidWorks workstation.


Calculon is a SolidWorks workstation.

General System Design

This build is designed around a 24-core i9-13900K processor and an RTX A4000 16GB video card.

Software Workload/Customer Need

This customer needed a powerful new SolidWorks workstation to handle their growing professional workload.

Our Demo PC was used to validate the previous system performance, and certain parts were chosen for long-term performance, security, and visual appeal. The customer liked the visual appeal of The Dark Knight.

System Spec

Processor (CPU): Intel i9-13900K

CPU Cooler: Fractal Design Celsius S36

Motherboard: Gigabyte Z690 AORUS ULTRA

Memory: Kingston Fury Beast 2x32GB DDR5-4800

Storage (SSD): 2x Kingston KC3000 1TB RAID1

Video Card (GPU): Nvidia RTX A4000 16GB

Power Supply (PSU): Enermax Revolution DF 850W 80+ Gold

Case: Corsair 4000D Airflow Black

Fans: 6x Corsair ML120 RGB Elite Premium

OS: Windows 10 Pro

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Design Rationale

  • The i9-13900K gave the customer a great amount of single-core performance for modeling, and multicore performance for heavily-threaded tasks. The customer used our Demo PC with an i9-12900K against their existing 8th-gen i7 laptop, so they knew the i9-13900K would be even faster.
  • To ensure the CPU runs at full speed, liquid cooling with a 360mm AIO is recommended.
  • The customer wanted a stable motherboard with a good amount of desktop functionality.
  • The customer wanted at least 64GB of RAM, and didn’t want last-gen tech. 128GB is an easy upgrade.
  • The customer requested 2 1TB Gen4 NVME drives in RAID1, per the IT team.
  • For the best stability in SolidWorks, we recommended a professional-grade video card from Nvidia, and the RTX A4000 16GB in the Demo PC worked perfectly in testing.
  • The overall design of the build meant that a 850W power supply was recommended.
  • We used our default mid-tower case to fit the motherboard
  • While we recommended our highest-performing fans to ensure proper airflow and static pressure, the customer requested RGB models for visual appeal. The customer understood that cooling may suffer as a result, resulting in slightly higher CPU temperatures.

Customer Review

“I had an excellent experience and received detailed recommendations to build a PC for my specific application of 3D modeling with SolidWorks.

Chris was not only highly knowledgeable regarding suggestions, but extremely polite and a pleasure to communicate with. I was able to test a demo PC for a full week to determine what upgrades or changes would be required for the final platform.

I would strongly recommend working with Top Flight Computers if you are trying to build a PC for specific tasks!”

Aisley, Durham NC

MedPharm – US

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