DIY Build Consulting

We offer DIY build consulting for your new PC build!

DIY Build Consulting

If you’ve been wanting to build your own custom desktop computer, but aren’t sure if you can pick the best components (or compatible ones), let us help you out with DIY build consulting!

The Service of DIY Build Consulting​

We’ll gather your system requirements (including workflow, performance caliber, system noise, cooling capacity, and system style), combine them with your budget, and design a list of parts that will fit your needs.

The Cost of DIY Build Consulting​​

This service is billed at $250/hour, paid in full up front.

If you order the computer through Top Flight Computers, we’ll deduct payment for the consulting fee from the overall cost of the build.

DIY Build Consulting​​ Terms and Conditions

By selecting this service, you agree to not hold Top Flight Computers accountable for any issues. The parts list you receive from us is only a list of compatible components, that have been chosen for their ability to meet your requirements that were discussed during our consultation.

Top Flight Computers is not responsible for overall performance, reliability, stability, or any other possible aspect of the system, that arises from the shipping, delivery, install, final configuration, or any other aspect of system construction.

DIY Build Consulting​

Please contact us if you'd like us to design a custom computer for you!

How did you find out about Top Flight Computers? We like to know how people found out about us.

What are you using this computer for?

Specific software/application is very helpful, as is production level, long-term plans, and personal considerations. If you have any special requests for specific hardware, now is the the time to let us know. The more information you can provide here, the better we can assist you.

  1. Software Used
  2. Software Priority
  3. Production Level
  4. Games Played
  5. Other Non-Gaming Workloads
  6. Monitor Resolution/Refresh Rate
  7. Budget
  8. Future Plans
  9. Noise Preferences
  10. Other Technical Requirements
  11. Visual Preferences

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