Demonstration Workstation

Demonstration Workstation Overview

This demonstration workstation is designed around the Z690 platform with 128GB of DDR5 and 1TB+2TB Gen4 NVME, paired with an RTX A4000 16GB and liquid cooling system.

If your business has aging heavy-duty workstations, and you aren’t sure how much faster the new hardware is (making it hard to justify a large capital investment), contact us to schedule a 1-2 week period during which you can test your compute-heavy workloads on our Demo PC.

Specs are noted below. We do not ship outside the domestic USA.

Demonstration Workstation Specs

  1. i9-13900K 24-Core CPU
  2. Celsius S36 360mm Liquid CPU Cooler
  3. Z690 Aorus Pro Motherboard
  4. Fury Beast 4x32GB DDR5-4800 Memory
  5. KC3000 1TB Gen4 NVME (OS+Programs)
  6. KC3000 2TB Gen4 NVME (Main Storage)
  7. RTX A4000 16GB Video Card
  8. Focus Plus Gold 1000W Power Supply
  9. 4000D Airflow Black Case
  10. 6x PH-F120T30 Fan

Orders Won Through The Demo PC