Dual Xeon Scalable Workstation

This Dual Xeon Scalable workstation is built around twin Intel Xeon 8558Ps and onboard graphics.


Dual Xeon Scalable Workstation Overview

This Dual Xeon Scalable workstation is built around twin Intel Xeon 8558Ps and onboard graphics. This combination provides a very powerful overall solution for Intel-optimized simulation and high-performance computing.

1TB of RAM is the highest we can go on Xeon Scalable, without resorting to EXTREMELY expensive 128GB or 256GB DIMMs.

If you need a dedicated GPU, we can install both Geforce and RTX ADA units in this build. Please note that this enterprise-class board does not offer any audio connectivity or WiFi.

Dual Xeon Scalable Workstation Limitations

This platform is currently limited to 240 threads, 2 GPUs, and 4TB of memory. Please let us know if you need a more robust platform.

Builds In This Set

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Threadripper Pro Data Science | Xeon Data Science | Xeon Max Data Science

Dual EPYC 9004 Low | Dual EPYC 9004 | Dual EPYC 9004 Extreme

Dual Xeon Scalable | Dual Xeon Scalable Extreme

What You Need To Know

2x Intel Xeon Platinum 8558P
(48 core/96 thread, 4.0 GHz single-core turbo)
onboard graphics
(Geforce and RTX ADA are available)
1TB DDR5-5600 ECC memory
(max of 16DIMM/4TB)
2TB Gen4 NVME single-drive setup
High-airflow case, 1500W Titanium power supply2x 360mm CPU liquid cooler, extra case fans for proper airflow

Dual EPYC 9004 Workstation

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This Dual Xeon Scalable Workstation starts at $27350 as currently designed, and includes a 1 year extended warranty.

Online pricing defaults to credit card payment (ACH and check are available), possible sales tax and shipping cost is extra.

Please contact us if you found one of our previous builds that you think would suit your needs well.

B2B financing is available up to 60 months, $5000 minimum spend.

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