i9 DaVinci Resolve Workstation

This i9 DaVinci Resolve workstation is built around the i9-13900K with an RTX 4080 Super 16GB video card.


i9 DaVinci Resolve Workstation Overview

This i9 DaVinci Resolve workstation is built around the i9-13900K with an RTX 4080 Super 16GB video card. This combination provides a very powerful overall solution for H.264 and H.265 content.

A long time ago, a dual Xeon workstation was needed for maximum overall performance. Today, the latest Intel Core processors combined with multiple Nvidia video cards makes dual Xeon workstations ancient history. In fact, they would actually be slower than a system with a single CPU, in most cases!

The best CPU for Resolve depends mostly on your budget and how much GPU power you plan to have in your system. For a single-GPU build, a CPU with high clockspeed and moderate core count (Intel Core 13/14 or AMD Ryzen 7000) will be best. Intel Core also works great with H.264 and H.265 footage due to their Quick Sync technology. For a multi-GPU build (or working with RAW video codecs), a CPU with high core count will give you a performance boost (AMD Threadripper 7000).

Alongside the powerful Intel Core processor and multiple Nvidia GPUs, this system also supports a host of storage options and up to 192GB of DDR5 RAM. To integrate a second Geforce GPU, we would change to the chassis+PSU that our i9 Visual Effects Extreme workstation is based on.

Please keep in mind that while Geforce video cards cost quite a bit less than RTX ADA, they are larger, and may limit how many controller/network/etc cards can be added. RTX ADA cards follow a strict physical footprint, no more than 2 slots overall.

If you need more than 192GB of RAM, we recommend a build based on Threadripper 7000, as it supports ECC memory. 384GB is the highest we can go on Threadripper non-Pro, without resorting to EXTREMELY expensive 128GB or 256GB DIMMs. 768GB is the highest we can normally go on Threadripper Pro, for the same reasons (peaking at 2TB via 8x256GB).

i9 DaVinci Resolve Workstation Limitations

This platform is currently limited to 32 threads, 2 GPUs, and 192GB of memory. Please let us know if you need a more robust platform.

Builds In This Set

i9 Broadcasting | Threadripper 7000 Broadcasting | Threadripper Pro 7000 Pixera

i9 After Effects | Threadripper After Effects

i9 Premiere Pro | Threadripper Premiere Pro

i9 DaVinci Resolve | Threadripper DaVinci Resolve

What You Need To Know

(24 core/32 thread, 5.8 GHz single-core turbo)
RTX 4080 Super 16GB
(very high export performance, live playback speed, high VRAM)
96GB DDR5-6000 memory
(max of 4DIMM/192GB)
1TB+2TB Gen4 NVME dual-drive setup
(OS/programs, main)
High-airflow case, 1200W Platinum power supply360mm CPU liquid cooler, extra case fans for proper airflow

i9 DaVinci Resolve Workstation

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This i9 DaVinci Resolve workstation starts at $4700 as currently designed, and includes a 1 year extended warranty.

Online pricing defaults to credit card payment (ACH and check are available), possible sales tax and shipping cost is extra.

Please contact us if you found one of our previous builds that you think would suit your needs well.

B2B financing is available up to 60 months, $5000 minimum spend.

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