Xeon Extreme Laser Scanning Workstation

This Xeon Extreme Laser Scanning workstation is built around the Xeon W9-34​75X with an RTX 5000 ADA 32GB video card.


Xeon Extreme Laser Scanning Workstation Overview

This Xeon Extreme Laser Scanning workstation is built around the Xeon W9-34​75X with an RTX 5000 ADA 32GB video card. This combination provides a very powerful overall solution for LIDAR processing and point cloud registration/processing.

This 3D laser scanning workstation is designed for use in applications such as Trimble Business Center, DJI Terra, Faro Connect, Faro Scene, Leica Register360, Leica Cyclone 3DR, Leica CloudWorx, Leica Real Works, LP360, Artec Studio, and Polyworks Inspector. If you need more than 32GB of VRAM, or your application use benefits from a Pro GPU driver, we recommend the RTX 6000 ADA 48GB.

This workstation also excels at photogrammetry in Metashape, Meshroom, Trimble Business Center, Pix4D, Reality Capture, Colmap, ContextCapture, and ReCap Pro. It also tends to work very well in most CAD programs.

Due to the design of the CPU, quality of the memory controller, and the ability to gain a significant performance boost from overclocking with closed-loop liquid cooling, we recommend the Intel Xeon platform for LIDAR processing when you need more than 192GB of RAM for your laser scanning workstation build. Modern Xeon W can be heavily overclocked, often being able to set the single-core turbo to all-core turbo (regardless of core count). This does greatly increase the power draw and heat output, but the Xeon-spec 360mm liquid cooler is more than capable of handling it.

768GB of RAM is the highest we can go on Xeon, without resorting to EXTREMELY expensive 128GB or 256GB DIMMs.

We do have an enterprise-class motherboard with 16 DIMM slots, but we do NOT recommend this board for general-purpose CAD workloads, ONLY memory-heavy processing workloads that do not need a CPU with a high turbo clock. Please note that this enterprise-class board does NOT offer any audio connectivity or WiFi.

Xeon Extreme Laser Scanning Workstation Limitations

This platform is currently limited to 112 threads, 7 PCI-E devices, and 4TB of memory. Please let us know if you need a more robust platform.

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What You Need To Know

 Xeon W9-34​75X
(36 core/72 thread, 4.8GHz single-core turbo)
RTX 5000 ADA 32GB
(very high compute, very high VRAM)
512GB DDR5-5600 ECC memory
(max of 16DIMM/4TB)
(OS/programs, main, storage)
High-airflow case, 1200W Platinum power supply360mm CPU liquid cooler, extra case fans for proper airflow

Xeon Extreme Laser Scanning Workstation

This product is typically faster than Threadripper 7000 in memory-heavy workloads such as scan processing, simulation, and HPC.

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This Xeon Extreme Laser Scanning workstation starts at $20550 as currently designed, and includes a 1 year extended warranty.

Online pricing defaults to credit card payment (ACH and check are available), possible sales tax and shipping cost is extra.

Please contact us if you found one of our previous builds that you think would suit your needs well.

B2B financing is available up to 60 months, $5000 minimum spend.

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