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Nvidia Geforce RTX 4000 Series Specifications

Nvidia Geforce RTX 4090 24GB

Price: $1600

Cores: 16384

Base/Boost Clock: 2230/2520MHz

Memory: 24GB GDDR6X

Bus Width: 384-bit

Power: 450W

Gaming Review Results from Linus Tech Tips & Gamers Nexus

*App Testing*

DaVinci Resolve: Typically 10% faster than RTX 3090 overall (and 2X faster than RTX 2080Ti), various specific tasks vary widely in performance (OpenFX, noise reduction, H.264 encoding).

Premiere Pro: Typically 7-14% faster than RTX 3090 overall.

After Effects: Typically 2% slower than RTX 3090 overall.

Unreal Engine: Typically 93% faster than RTX 3090 overall, though neither the RTX 4090 nor the RTX 6000 ADA support NVLink (and only the ADA supports Quadro Sync).

VRay: Typically 2X+ faster than RTX 3090 (or 4X+ faster than RTX 2080Ti), and 1600W PSU is limited to 2 RTX 4090. As with Unreal Engine, neither the RTX 4090 nor the RTX 6000 ADA support NVLink.

OctaneRender: Typically 92% faster than RTX 3090. 2x RTX 4090 is within 1% the speed of a single RTX 4090. OTOY is working on improving out-of-core performance, to reduce the hit to performance if you run out of VRAM (helpful to mitigate the lack of NVLink).

Redshift: Typically 60% faster than RTX 3090. 2x RTX 4090 is roughly 2X faster than a single RTX 4090.

Blender: Typically 2X faster than RTX 3090.

Nvidia Geforce RTX 4080 16GB

Price: $1200

Cores: 9728

Base/Boost Clock: 2210/2510MHz

Memory: 16GB GDDR6X

Bus Width: 256-bit

Power: 320W

Available: November

Nvidia Geforce RTX 4080 12GB

Price: $900

Cores: 7680

Base/Boost Clock: 2310/2610MHz

Memory: 12GB GDDR6X

Bus Width: 192-bit

Power: 285W

Available: November

Nvidia RTX ADA Series Specifications

Nvidia RTX 6000 ADA 48GB

Price: $TBD

CUDA Cores: 18176

Tensor Cores: 568 Gen4

RT Cores: 142 Gen3

Memory: 24GB GDDR6X

Bus Width: 384-bit

Power: 300W

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