Reseller Partnerships

Offer a quality supplier and product to your customers needing specific computers through a reseller partnership with us!

Reseller Partnerships

Lack of a Quality Reseller Partnership

Are you asked to source computers for your customers and lack a quality supplier?

Are you asked to source computers for your customers and tired of low quality products?

We can help with both by creating a reseller partnership with your company!

Gain a Quality Partnership with Top Flight Computers

Our systems are designed for specific software, production level, and factor in any particular requirements of the end customer.

Our systems are subjected to a sustained 100% load to ensure stability in heavy processing.

Add more value to your relationship with your customer by being able to help them with more requests.

Active Reseller Partnerships

Digitize Designs

Digitize Designs is a technology company offering professional 3D scanning solutions and services for a variety of applications and industries. They specialize in 3D scanning equipment, software sales, 3D scanning, 3D printing, and reverse engineering services.

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Petronella Technology Group

Petronella Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics provides services across many vertical sectors in both public and private organizations. They understand that every industry and organization can be faced with unique IT challenges. Their expertise enables them to help clients navigate the requirements of their industry – such as CMMC for federal contractors, HIPAA and HITECH for medical practices and Sarbanes Oxley and NIST for Law firms – to find a solution that meets their needs.

Petronella® gets your business secure and compliant by doing 80% of the cybersecurity and compliance work for you by leveraging our proven® IP, policies, procedures and secure hosting services that protect your business with a proven, patented, 39+ layer cybersecurity stack.

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MouseCalls Technology Solutions

MouseCalls provides IT support and security; NOT educational services or training. Think of us as a team of highly skilled mechanics.  It’s not a skilled mechanic’s role to teach a new driver how to operate their vehicle. We support, troubleshoot, provide failsafes, and remediate…ALL while wearing a smile!

If you can’t print, access your server, or Word won’t open, we’ve got you. If you want help with touching up a photograph, posting a blog, or merging Christmas card labels…that’s not covered and may result in billable time. Ask your account manager about our supported software list!

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