Technical Support

Dedicated IT support for existing and future clients, and questions about your new PC.

Dedicated Technical Support with NerdsToGo

We’ve partnered with NerdsToGo Cary to give our customers a reliable option for advanced technical support. While we still offer support as the system builder, NerdsToGo brings additional tools and capacity that we were otherwise lacking. See our packages below.

Base Package: $45/month

  • Unlimited Remote and Phone Support During Normal Business Hours – Monday through Friday 8:30AM to 5:30PM
  • US Based Technicians – Located in North Carolina
  • Access to NerdsToGo Nationwide Network (for customers outside North Carolina)
  • Managed and Monitored Antivirus – Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection

1TB File and Image Level Managed Backup: $40/month

  • Daily Reports on Backup Status
  • Online Access to Backup Portal

Remote Monitoring and Reporting: $15/month

  • CPU
  • Disk Usage
  • Event Log
  • Memory
  • Online / Offline
  • Patch
  • Services
  • ESXI
  • Competent

Get Covered

To get covered by NerdsToGo, please call (919)-999-2181 or email

New Top Flight Computers Customers

New Top Flight Computers customers are eligible for a 1 month free trial of the Base Package as of 9/23/22. We’ll connect you with NerdsToGo so that you have the ability to continue coverage.


  1. Carefully unbox the PC from the shipping boxes. There are several layers of bubble wrap and foam, as well as bubble wrap inside the computer itself.
  2. After unboxing the system, remove the main side panel (you need to remove the bubble wrap from inside the PC). Put the associated thumbscrews somewhere safe, you’ll need them later. If the panel uses capped screws, these do not come completely off.
  3. Remove all materials from both sides. There will be a power cable either in the front or back side, along with a WiFi antenna (if your motherboard has WiFi). Any loose material can impact the safe operation of the system.
  4. Check all cables for firm connections inside.
  5. Put side panels back on, tighten all exterior screws.
  6. Plug in video and power to monitors. Set monitors to correct display input (DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort).
  7. For systems using a dedicated video card, you must use the video card for monitor video cables, as having something in the video card slot acting as a video card will disable any onboard graphics (Ryzen and Threadripper systems do not have onboard graphics anyway). You may need adapters for various cables.
  8. Plug in keyboard/mouse, WiFi antenna, ethernet, and system power.
  9. Turn on the PC.
  10. Use your Microsoft account to login to your PC. If you do not have a Microsoft account, you can create one at this time. Ignore this step if your system runs an OS other than Windows.

Possible Shipping Maltreatment Causing System Issues

  1. Verify that your video card(s) is/are properly seated into the motherboard. Gently push the video card(s) into the motherboard.
  2. Verify that your memory sticks are properly seated into the motherboard. Gently push the sticks into the motherboard.