Warranties & Returns

Stock Warranties and Technical Support

There is a 30 day warranty on all components purchased by Top Flight Computers. After the initial 30 days, there are optional extended hardware warranties. Our labor is warrantied for life and we offer lifetime technical support.

Extended Warranties

Coverage Length

This optional extended system warranty guarantees manufacturer specified operational capabilities of the components purchased by Top Flight Computers in the system configured in the quote and invoice for a period of 1-5 years. Our systems are quoted with a 1 year extended warranty by default.

Coverage length is determined by the customer before the official quote is sent.

What is Covered/Not Covered

  1. Top Flight Computers warranties this computer only for component failure caused by manufacturer recommended operation.
  2. Any component failures caused by liquids or other objects will not be applicable to this warranty and will not be held subject to replacement by Top Flight Computers.
  3. Component failure due to customer modification (overclocking, aftermarket cooling solutions, etc) after taking system possession from Top Flight Computers is not subject to warranty.
  4. Top Flight Computers is not responsible for any physical/non-physical damages/costs caused by system component failure or by negligent system operation by the customer.
  5. Components not purchased by Top Flight Computers as well as refurbished/3rd party components are not valid for extended warranties.
  6. Warranties only applies to systems sold directly by Top Flight Computers.

Getting Covered

Please contact us to discuss applying an extended warranty to your order, it is only available for purchase at the time of system approval.

Order Changes, Refunds, Returns, and Replacements

Order Changes

Top Flight Computers bills all orders in full at the time the order is placed. After your order has been placed, there is a $50 charge for any change made to an order already in progress.

Refunds & Returns

Within 30 days of placing your order, you have the option to cancel your order for refund. All cancelled orders are subject to a 15% cancellation fee. Returns are not accepted.

The following are not eligible for refund.

  • Opened or activated software (including Windows licenses)
  • Special order items, services, and peripherals (eg. monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers, other external equipment)
  • Orders of more than 5 computers and orders over $10000


Systems that are deemed in need of replacement must be returned to Top Flight Computers in order to get a replacement unit. If we do not receive the system in need of replacement, we cannot issue the new unit.

Limitation of Liability

  1. Top Flight Computers is not responsible for damages or costs that are the result of accidents, misuse, disaster, or abuse of your computer. Any time you ship a computer to us, you MUST pack the computer properly — Top Flight Computers is not responsible for damage caused by improper packing.
  2. Modifications, overclocking, BIOS or firmware updates, or repairs made to your computer system by anyone other than Top Flight Computers will void your warranty if not cleared through a Top Flight Computers representative.
  3. Third party components added to the build that damage Top Flight Computers supplied components will additionally void the warranty. Most modifications will be approved, but we need this aspect of control in order to prevent unnecessary damage.
  4. Top Flight Computers is not responsible for any losses or complications that arise as a result of a computer failure or a delay in the production or repair of your system.


Should your PC need repair within the first 30 days of use, we will pay shipping costs in both directions within the USA.

Shipping is done via FedEx Ground, we do not recommend faster services as these can result in damages in shipping.

Please note that we are unable to provide extended user-specific software support, you will need to be able to troubleshoot.

If you require technical assistance, please contact NerdsToGo at (919)-999-2181 or salescarync@nerdstogo.com