Why Top Flight Computers?

We believe that fostering and strengthening authentic personal relationships with our customers is the most important part of our business. Above all, we want to help you get exactly what you need. If you need more than a mass-market pre-built system, trust our technical excellent and dedication to personal service to build your bespoke PC.

Why I Started Top Flight Computers

When I opened up Top Flight Computers, I did it for a few reasons.

  1. I wanted to directly control a professional aspect of my life
  2. I wanted to provide the same level of joy and satisfaction that I felt using my own custom-built PC to others
  3. I wanted to help others get the rig they had been dreaming of
  4. Everybody is different. Sometimes a mass-market, pre-built, lower-cost computer with faster shipping times is what fits better.
  5. Sometimes, a custom-built computer is the best option for personal considerations, immediate needs, and long term goals. That is where we would specialize.

Why I Named It Top Flight Computers

I named my company Top Flight Computers because I’m an airplane dork, and I wanted a name that showcased our focus on customer relationships and product quality.

I was mumbling about for a name for about a week…and it kinda just hit me…and stuck.

Your Why

Sometimes a pre-built computer just won’t cut it, and a custom-built rig is the best fit for the user. Over time, we’ve found that our customers generally have the following reasons for needing a custom-built computer.

  1. You care about the personal touch and value expertise/professional communication. You trust me personally as well as the Top Flight Computers brand. You demand a customer experience second to none.
  2. Customer reviews (both quantity and quality) are crucial in deciding who you do business with. You understand both the concept and the cost of bespoke.
  3. Your computing requirements are critical and specific. These requirements are not necessarily performance-oriented, just very specific and may not be easily met with an in-store OEM box.
  4. You need someone else to do it for you because you are either unable to build it, don’t trust yourself, or don’t have time to DIY. You trust us to design, build, and support the right system for your individual needs.

Why Top Flight Computers?

You can get a fast rig from most computer companies, if not all. You can get fast shipping time from companies that keep massive quantities of parts in stock. You can even pick the parts yourself on many websites, without ever having to dial a number or open a live chat.

What we focus on, above all, is fostering and strengthening authentic personal relationships with our customers, as this is the most important part of our business. We want to help you get exactly what you need to be successful both now and in the future.

Sometimes that’s a pre-built computer…and sometimes it means contacting us about a custom-built computer.