2019 Reviews

“Chris and his team are very knowledgeable and also very patient.

I am totally new to computers and was worried someone would take advantage of my lack of knowledge. He explained everything thoroughly and was honest during the entire build.

We are just about a year in with our PC and it is still running wonderfully. I highly recommend Top Flight Computers for all computer related needs.”

Nicole, Cary NC

“Chris and his team at Top Flight Computers built me a custom PC on a very short timeline. So far, I am thrilled with the results for two main reasons.

First, the machine flies. It’s a huge upgrade from my previous system, and Chris helped me design something that was just for me. He listened to my requests, made his own recommendations based on his expertise, and most importantly, he didn’t try to up-sell me.

Second, I’ve been blown away by the customer service. I was so impressed with his communication, thoroughness and industry knowledge that I made a purchase for a new workstation less than 24 hours of my first conversation with Chris.

If you are looking for a quality custom-built PC and great customer service, go with Chris + Top Flight Computers. 10/10.”

Scott, Raleigh NC

“If you are looking for a professional machine to produce quality material then you should look no further.

I went back and forth between Resolve and Premier and which buildout I would prefer since my main stay is still photography so a machine that handles a huge Lightroom catalog was necessary as well…

Needless to say Chris and the team at Top Flight Computers knocked it out the park. Super fast and quiet machine that blows my old rig it of the water by at least two fold. They were patient with my knowledge (or should I say lack thereof) and continued to adjust the build to my needs even when I could not articulate what it was exactly I needed.

This is a huge recommend for these builders who take pride in the products they deliver.”

Jeremy, Raleigh NC

“Chris and the guys at Top Flight Computers built me a beast of a machine. After researching many companies I found Chris and he worked with me on building the best computer with the best components at the greatest price point to maximize my workflow.

He is very knowledgeable in his craft. After toying around with my new CPU in hindsight I now know that I made the correct decision to go with Chris and Top Flight Computers.

The added plus was that they live feed your build on YouTube so you get to watch and see if they mess up. No pressure! Thanks Chris!”

Brent, Santa Monica CA

“I was in need of a multimedia rig that could handle a variety of disciplines in 3D Animation, Rendering, VFX Compositing, and Video Editing.

Top Flight Computers was amazing to work with. They carefully and intuitively thought through each design decision pertaining to my rig (The Shrenderer), and maximized the effectiveness and power of the build. They are authentic, genuine, and go the extra mile for their customers.

I have been looking for a good builder for awhile, and after meeting their team and seeing the level of personal care that goes into each build, tailoring it to the unique needs of each client, I was sold. If and when I decide to build another rig, I am going straight back to Top Flight Computers.

No doubt they are the best in the area and you shouldn’t hesitate to consider them for your next build.”

Jesse, Durham NC

“I wish I had gone to Chris sooner. He knows his stuff, he’s professional and won’t let you down. If you make your living with a computer, don’t make the mistake I did…I waited.

Get an upgrade, you won’t regret it.”

Brian, Raleigh NC

“My system was 6 years old, using a lot of heavy programs like ZBrush, Maya, Marvelous Designer, Photoshop, Marmoset, Arnold, and Substance Painter. It was starting to chug on me.

Thankfully, the timing was perfect, and Chris Touchberry reached out to me and helped me build a computer that I needed. Not only for work, but for streaming as well. It’s been great, extremely efficient, and if I could eat it I’m sure it would taste like butter.

Chris listened to the problems I had and was really great at helping me through the process of everything. I work with computers but I definitely don’t know whats best to build one, and he helped immensely.

Thank you again for the Grimm workstation!”

Alexandria, Seattle WA

“I needed a computer that was going to handle a new venture with iRacing. A few friends had recommended Chris and Top Flight Computers.

I told Chris what I needed to do with it and he did the rest. Every step of the way was seamless and smooth!!! The product I got was fantastic, and leaves some room for expansion should the need arise in the future, and I have had great experiences not only in iRacing, but other games as well.

The customer service is top of the line as well. Questions are asked and answered within a timely manner with a well thought out explanation not leaving anything that could be confusing. When the time comes I know where I will be going for my computer.

Thanks Chris for an awesome product and awesome support. I will add, that I have had this computer for over a year now and have not had any issues.”

Stephen, Odessa TX

“I’ve just moved to North Carolina and needed to build a custom gaming PC.

Chris and his team has built me a fantastic gaming PC. It runs great and Chris is also always available with any issues that may arise afterwards, and keeps you updated always.

Solid guy, he really does go above and beyond for his clients. Highly recommended.”

Saeed, Durham NC

“I have wanted to get my dream PC for sometime now and Chris and his team made it a reality.

Chris was easy to work with and he is really good at his craft. Easily the best customer experience I have ever had.

There is absolutely no reason to buy a prebuilt PC when you can get a custom built one from Top Flight Computers.”

John, Raleigh NC

“Amazing service, they really worked with me to know exactly what I needed in a computer and how to provide that.

They keep me updated at every step in the process and answered every question I had.”

Chad, Clayton NC