2022 Reviews

“I had an excellent experience and received detailed recommendations to build a PC for my specific application of 3D modeling with SolidWorks.

Chris was not only highly knowledgeable regarding suggestions, but extremely polite and a pleasure to communicate with. I was able to test a demo PC for a full week to determine what upgrades or changes would be required for the final platform.

I would strongly recommend working with Top Flight Computers if you are trying to build a PC for specific tasks!”

Aisley, Durham NC

MedPharm – US

Was a pleasure working with Chris for my ‘Great Yamada’ build. Chris was very knowledgeable and helped me understand what I was getting. I happened to be traveling to where Top Flight is at, so I got a nice tour of the shop and also got to see all of the parts prior to the build.

The build was completed quickly (paid October 18th, arrived at my house November 3rd) and came with instructions to help me set it up. Got it running and it runs fantastic. Big thanks to Chris and the team!

Joshua, Virginia Beach VA

“Hi folks,

I’d like to take the time to tell you about my experience in excellence with Chris and his team at Top Flight Computers. I requested a premium-level gaming computer, because I wanted to be able to run the most demanding games at the highest level settings. Top Flight computers delivered a first-class product.

My machine is so powerful, it was named the Valhalla Forge. Discerning PC customers will recognize that projects like this are themed. These gentlemen delivered an ace product in a timely fashion, which has really added to my leisure time, and been a performance product for my work.

Chris and his team came to my house to set up my computer, no questions asked. I felt like a priority, and I was treated as such. What great guys!

If you are considering an engineered PC, and you want the best service in The Triangle, look no further than Top Flight Computers.

-Verified client,

David, Raleigh NC

“The folks at Top Flight Computers really do reach out and care about your custom orders. My PC I had made was themed around one of my characters and it came out amazingly.

It was an investment that was well worth the wait and They are really good people. I was updated with the project along the way.

I’m happy how it turned out and I am enjoying my PC.”

Dakota, Garden Grove CA

Chris really knows his stuff and is very passionate about what he does. I got my computer faster than I thought. Invoice paid September 27th and delivery was accepted on October 17th. It was a pleasure working with you. I love my new “Fear Machine.”

Craig, Raleigh NC

I am the owner of “The Dark Knight” and I’ll tell you Top Flight Computers is amazing.

I am not a computer nerd or geek and just wanted a PC that would be good for gaming. After a short conversation with Chris, we were able to put together a computer under the specifications that I wanted.

4 months later now and I am still in love with my PC everything is running wonderfully, and Chris is still keeping in touch making sure that my experience with my PC is what I expected.

So, if you need a PC with great build quality and a team that will give you amazing customer service, look no further Top Flight Computers is the way to go.

Dwayne, Scotland Neck, NC

“Top Flight Computers built a very powerful computer that is ideal for my high computational workflows. I am using my “supercomputer’” for photogrammetry, Blender, CAD, and machine learning for small AI projects. The computer includes an RTX 3090 and it works fantastically.

I use Fedora Linux and I presently have no compatibility problems. Thanks to Chris and his team, I have the “supercomputer” of my dreams. Chris even worked secretly with my girlfriend to pick out a perfect monitor for my birthday. Thanks very much to Taraneh and Chris!!!

I couldn’t be happier with my experience from Top Flight Computers. I will definitely seek out Top Flight’s service for future upgrades.”

Ben, Cary NC

“Exceptional Service and Custom Tech Solutions

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris and his team at Top Flight Computers for several builds.

His top-flight computer is also a vital component of our RM-300 automated mobile inspection workstation, starting from the low six figures (that’s how much we trust his machines as the core engine).

From start to finish, the experience was and is nothing short of exceptional. That’s why their reviews are so stacked!

Chris’s expertise in understanding our specific needs for advanced 3D scanning applications was impressive. The professionalism and ease of doing business with Top Flight Computers made the entire process smooth and hassle-free.

What truly sets Top Flight Computers apart is their commitment to exacting demands and their proactive approach in helping develop our business. The machine they built for us is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a catalyst for us to work harder, better, faster, stronger!

I highly recommend Top Flight Computers to anyone seeking top-tier, custom tech solutions. Whether it’s for individual use or enhancing your business capabilities, Chris and his team are equipped to deliver beyond expectations.

Thank you, Top Flight Computers, for your outstanding service and for playing a crucial role in driving Digitize Designs forward. Looking forward to more collaborations in the future!”

Robby, Greenville SC

“Provided Chris with list of applications that needed to be supported and came up with specifications to support the business problem. Workstation was designed to support SBIR proposal for DTRA.

It needed offline power to process Laser Scanning, Photogrammetry datasets, Machine Learning and AI programs. Workstation would also would showcase to clients Realtime photorealistic training scenes in Epic’s Unreal Engine.

Built around RTX A6000 and the 48 Gigabytes of VRAM that is used heavily in path tracing and AI software. Stable Diffusion, Whisper that can be processed locally.

Configured with Dual CPU’s to support some legacy files built in 3DS Max, VRay, and Phoenix.”

Lawrence, Raleigh NC

“Chris from Top Flight Computers was very hands on with my PC build and provided expert guidance based on my GIS team’s very specific performance requirements.

Price was on par with what I would expect given our requirements.

Build quality is excellent, and the Top Flight team took every precaution to secure the internals for shipping.

In summary, I will absolutely keep Chris and the TFC team in mind for any future projects that require high performance PCs that my normal suppliers just can’t deliver, or if I want to get a nice gaming rig for myself.”

Benjamin, Camden NJ

New Jersey American Water