2023 Reviews

“These guys are great to work with!

I could have gone to another shop and got a computer for cheaper, but I wanted to work with a company I trusted and knew would build the right machine for our specific needs.

If you are in the 3D Laser Scanning space, I highly recommend working with this team.”

– Dave, Murfreesboro TN

“Exceptional Service and Custom Tech Solutions

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris and his team at Top Flight Computers for several builds including our latest addition to Digitize Designs’ tech lineup – a custom-built machine named “Gary Laser Eyes.”

His top-flight computer is also a vital component of our RM-300 automated mobile inspection workstation, starting from the low six figures (that’s how much we trust his machines as the core engine).

From start to finish, the experience was and is nothing short of exceptional. That’s why their reviews are so stacked!

Chris’s expertise in understanding our specific needs for advanced 3D scanning applications was impressive. The professionalism and ease of doing business with Top Flight Computers made the entire process smooth and hassle-free.

What truly sets Top Flight Computers apart is their commitment to exacting demands and their proactive approach in helping develop our business. The machine they built for us is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a catalyst for us to work harder, better, faster, stronger!

I highly recommend Top Flight Computers to anyone seeking top-tier, custom tech solutions. Whether it’s for individual use or enhancing your business capabilities, Chris and his team are equipped to deliver beyond expectations.

Thank you, Top Flight Computers, for your outstanding service and for playing a crucial role in driving Digitize Designs forward. Looking forward to more collaborations in the future!”

Robby, Greenville SC

“Wow is all I can say!

I wanted to thank the team at Top Flight Computers and especially Garret with my new PC. It has been a while since I have built my own PC and I have had a stream of bad luck with trying to go with other companies.

I finally arrived with Top Flight Computers to have a great discussion with Garret with my main focus of power and stability with the new setup. We were focusing on a certain budget and Garret supplied me with different options which suited my specific needs.

After we discussed which was the best option, the hardest part of waiting for the PC began!

All I can say is…. The wait is worth it. My new gaming PC (Project Amaterasu) can handle anything right now without missing a beat and without any stuttering. The system runs cool and fast and most importantly to me, stable.

I would not hesitate to recommend this company to my friends and colleagues. Thank you again Garret and Top Flight! I am very happy and satisfied! 🙂”

Philip, Los Angeles CA

“We had a great experience getting a computer built that meets our use and software demands.

The customization is key for supplying us what best meets our needs.

They are very communicative in all aspects of the process, which makes it that much easier.”

Josh, Chapin SC

“Our field surveyor was having difficulties with larger projects using a beefy and expensive laptop from one of the biggest BIM/VDC companies in the industry.

Demoing Chris’ desktop was all we needed to convince them to get the unit we ordered. Our surveyor is able to do his job with no lag at all now and I’m confident it will last him years.

We’re queuing up to order replacement desktops soon!”

Mike, Raleigh NC

“Chris runs an amazing company and we are always blown away by his professionalism and great service.

If you are thinking about a custom computer rig, look no further. Top Flight is the answer!

Shawn, Forensic Rock”

Shawn, Doylestown PA

“We have had a couple of working data processing computers built by Top Flight.

Chris is amazing and knows his stuff. Fair prices, Fast Build Times, Great communication.

Stop buying prebuilt and go to Top Flight Computers, Ask for Chris, Tell him Ryan with ASM sent you.”

Ryan, Clovis CA

“So great to be able to actually talk with someone to go through your needs for a custom build and get great insight and advice.

The machine is top notch and I’ll definitely be getting more from Top Flight.”

Danny, Winston-Salem NC

“I recently got a custom computer for processing huge amounts of data from Top Flight Computers, and it’s been an absolute game-changer.

The liquid-cooled setup is simply unbelievable in terms of performance and reliability. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!”

William, Lake Charles LA

“Chris and Garret are extremely friendly and undoubtedly good at what they do.

I was in need of a high performing graphic rendering PC for Landscape Design presentations and They Delivered! I got my video rendering times down from a 2GB video taking 2.5hrs to the same video taking less than 25mins!

I’m quite happy with LoroPetalPusher!”

Jennifer, Garner NC

“Chris runs an amazing company and we are always blown away by his professionalism and great service.

If you are thinking about a custom computer rig, look no further. Top Flight is the answer!

Shawn, Forensic Rock”

Shawn, Doylestown PA

“Last summer (2023) I asked Top Flight to build for me a high end graphics computer for my golf simulator.

They were extremely careful to design the right build, understanding my needs, and even delivered the computer an hour outside of Raleigh. I wanted a high end computer that was both powerful and quiet.

Now that I have been using the computer for several months I can report that it has performed perfectly! In addition, the Top Flight staff have followed up several times to see if I was satisfied or experiencing any problems.

I really did not except such excellent follow-up. I am very satisfied and have not had the slightest hiccup with the computer.

I highly recommend Top Flight for any complex computer build! Five stars out of five stars!”

David, Oxford NC