Xeon Workstation Fishhawk Falls Notable Information

Intel has announced the upcoming launch of two new families of Xeon Workstation Fishhawk Falls processors: the W-2400 and W-3400 series. Both bring new and potentially exciting features to Intel’s Xeon Workstation processor lineup.

  • Xeon W-3400 is a replacement for the existing W-3300 line, with vastly higher core counts and overall performance
  • Xeon W-2400 is Intel going back to the HEDT world, with more affordable products than W-3400
  • Up to 56 cores in a single socket (W-3400, 24 on W-2400)
  • Up to 4.8Ghz single-core Turbo Boost
  • Up to 112 CPU PCIe Gen 5.0 lanes on W-3400 and 64 on W-2400
  • Up to eight-channel DDR5 RDIMM memory support, up to 4TB ECC
  • Up to 105MB L3 cache
  • Wi-Fi 6E
  • AVX-512 suport
  • 3rd Gen Intel Deep Learning Boost

Intel Launch

Xeon Workstation Fishhawk Falls Specifications

For this area, we’re limiting ourselves to specs of products we have the highest chance of using in builds.

Xeon Model NumberW7-2475XW7-2495XW7-3445W7-3455W7-3465XW9-3475XW9-3495X
Base Frequency2.6GHz2.5GHz2.6GHz2.5GHz2.5GHz2.2GHz1.9GHz
Max Turbo Frequency (Single-Core)4.8GHz4.8GHz4.8GHz4.8GHz4.8GHz4.8GHz4.8GHz
Cache (MB)37.54552.567.57582.5105
Memory Channels4488888
CPU PCI-E Lanes6464112112112112112
Base Power225W225W270W270W300W300W350W
Max Turbo Power (Stock)270W270W324W324W360W360W420W

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