Build 171 – T Rex: 3D Rendering Workstation

T Rex is a 3D rendering workstation.


T Rex is a 3D rendering workstation.

General System Design

This build is designed around a 16-core i9-12900K processor and a T1000 8GB video card.

Software Workload/Customer Need

This customer needed a powerful new workstation to handle their growing professional workload that would last a long time.

This customer used our Demo PC to compare the newest tech against their existing Xeon workstation.

This system is designed for use in NTopology and Geomagic Freeform.

System Spec

Processor (CPU): Intel i9-12900K

CPU Cooler: Fractal Design Celsius S36

Motherboard: Asus ProArt Z690-CREATOR WIFI

Memory: Kingston Fury Beast 4x32GB DDR5-4800

Storage (SSD): Kingston KC3000 1TB

Storage (SSD): Kingston KC3000 2TB

Storage (HDD): 3x Western Digital Gold 4TB RAID5

Video Card (GPU): PNY T1000 8GB

Power Supply (PSU): SeaSonic FOCUS Plus Gold 1000W

Case: Sliger CX4170a

Fans: 3x Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM Black

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Design Rationale

  • The i9-12900K gave the customer a great amount of single-core performance for modeling, and multicore performance for heavily-threaded tasks.
  • To ensure the CPU runs at full speed, liquid cooling with a 360mm AIO is recommended. Due to the HDDs being included in the build, and needing to use a rack chassis, we had to change to a 240mm AIO.
  • The customer wanted a stable motherboard with a good amount of desktop functionality.
  • The customer wanted to max out the build with 128GB of RAM, and didn’t want last-gen tech.
  • The customer was fine with our initial recommendation for storage, only adding a 3x4TB HDD RAID5 array for archival storage.
  • The customer was testing the RTX A4000 16GB from our Demo PC, and determined that they could safely downgrade to a T1000 8GB as GPU/VRAM wasn’t being used much. The customer has since added programs that use the GPU more, so a video card upgrade is possible due to the 1000W PSU.
  • The overall design of the build meant that a 1000W power supply was recommended.
  • We used a rack case per the customer preference to use their IT rack.
  • We used our highest-performing fans to ensure proper airflow and static pressure.

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