Build 184 – London Fog: Visual Effects Workstation

London Fog is a visual effects workstation.


London Fog is a visual effects workstation.

General System Design

This build is designed around a 24-core Threadripper Pro 5965WX processor and an RTX 4090 24GB video card.

Software Workload/Customer Need

This customer was looking for a pair of long-term workstations for video editing, motion graphics, 3D animation, recording, and live streaming. This workstation is designed in particular for Premiere Pro, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Redshift, OBS, and Zoom.

Systems in this order include London Fog and Tokyo Spice.

System Spec

Processor (CPU): AMD Threadripper Pro 5965WX

CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-U14S TR4

Motherboard: ASUS Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI

Memory: Kingston Fury Beast 8x16GB DDR4-3200

Storage (SSD): Kingston KC3000 1TB

Storage (SSD): Kingston KC3000 2TB

Video Card (GPU): Zotac GeForce RTX 4090 24GB GAMING Trinity OC

Power Supply (PSU): EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 Gold

Case: Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2 Black Tempered Glass

Fans: 2x Noctua A15 HS-PWM, 9x Phanteks PH-F120T30

OS: Windows 11 Pro

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Design Rationale

  • Threadripper Pro gives the customer the widest performance in the overall workflow. While the i9-13900K is slightly faster for a few applications, the 5965WX allows for a much higher platform use and long-term functionality.
  • Air cooling with an extra CPU cooler fan was recommended for daily-use workstations, being that there isn’t a good full-cover AIO available for Threadripper Pro.
  • The customer wanted a stable motherboard with a ton of desktop functionality.
  • The customer wanted at least 128GB of RAM to stay balanced with the rest of the machine.
  • The customer was fine with our default storage setup.
  • After talking with the customer, a single top-end consumer video card made the most sense. While multiple video cards would have been even faster for Redshift, the customer had a strict budget to work with.
  • The overall design of the build meant that a 1300W Gold power supply was recommended.
  • We used our default full-tower case to fit the WRX80 motherboard
  • We used high-pressure fans to ensure proper cooling for the overall build.

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